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capitalvortex.co is a globally respected and responsible investment fund institution incorporated in Netherlands and governed by the laws and rules of the securities and exchange commission.

We're dedicated to being a distinctive and trusted provider of investment and asset management solutions for individual and institutional investors.

As you may know, an investment fund is an institution that collects money from investors to buy assets that will generate a return if their value increases. By investing high amounts of money, an investment fund is able to keep transaction costs low thanks to economies of scale.

At capitalvortex.co we take security very seriously. Because of this we have external parties testing the setup that we’ve created. Internally, we also make use of extensive bug-testing to iron out any flaws. Additionally, all traffic to our servers makes use of extensive encryption making sure no outside parties get their hands on any of your data.

All server communication is TLSv1.2 encrypted. So no data falls prey to digital voyeurs.

Perhaps the easiest way to buy / sell cryptocurrencies is to search online for what works best in your locality. These are our top picks.

1. Changelly: This bureau de change enables you to purchase cryptocurrencies with a credit card easily and fast.

2. Localbitcoins: You can buy and sell from your bank and local people with this service.

3. Coinbase: The biggest bureau de change and provider of bitcoin wallet that you can use.

As a partner, if you refer investors to invest with capitalvortex.co, you will be rewarded by a commission for each investment they make. Each of your referred investors have the potential to generate lifetime commissions.

All capitalvortex.co users who joined through your personal referral link will become your referrals and they will be counted as active referrals, if they make investment.

Commission example: You invite one investor, who invests 1000 USD on his account. As an affiliate partner, you will earn 10% of this amount, which will be 100 USD and it will be credited directly to the account balance of your dashboard.

We are fully transparent. There are features in the system that you can’t find elsewhere. Right now, more than 3,000 hardware are supplying the system with the required power.
All wallets are controlled by official Bitcoin master nodes and transactions are instant and fully automated.

When you own shares in our company we pays out dividends, we’ll award the dividend to your account when the company has made it available to all shareholders.

If you own shares in our company at that time, you’ll receive dividend. You can acquire your share in our company by sending a request to the MD office email [email protected]

When the dividends comes into your account, tax is deducted and dividends is sent to your designated account details.

Information about company shares availability is sent to our users and also to the general public in the asset fund investment niche through email