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travlafx.biz Limited is a Netherlands based and registered company which offers a guaranteed returns and a predictable source of income unlike the proof of work system where assets are rewarded through a mathmatetical process with a good probability of paying out. we provide thousands of global business professionals with comprehensive data on the private and public markets to help them discover and execute opportunities with confidence.

travlafx.biz Limited Investments is a globally respected and responsible investment fund institution incorporated in Netherlands. It was created for the purpose of providing it's members with the safest and most secure capital investment services, with the best possible and achievable returns at the best risk management framework.
travlafx.biz Investments is a distinctive wealth and investment management firm actively building enduring value for our clients. We actively manage your portfolio to ensure it remains appropriate for the ever-changing conditions in the global economy and financial markets.

We have a well-defined investment process, which is fundamental to the service we provide. This process creates a strong yet flexible framework for our investment professionals to work together, sharing ideas and challenging each other’s views. It is constantly evolving and we continue to invest in the resources required to ensure it remains robust. travlafx.biz Investments officially initiated crypto currency assets and trading in the year 2017, a new team of experts and professionals who have many years of experience in the finanancial market and cryptocurrency was formed joining the project alongside with the initial exchanges of stocks and securities, Introducing new commodities (involves extraction of some rare and highly expensive/valuable raw materials) such as , jade stone, Californium and Crude oil etc. The system also involves with real estate management. This is of our long term earning field, here we provide a system where investors can get involved and invest in real estate and commodities with just a just a little minimum predetermined amount where you get to earn a certain profit percentage daily.

Improved Security: Investors funds are kept in a segregated account, all funds deposited by a user is held in a separate segregated account. This means that even in the highly unlikely event of travlafx.biz Investments Bankruptcy, investor's funds will be safe and accessible to them. We have a dedicated team for clients who want 100% ethical and sustainable investment management. We achieve results by harnessing our extensive investment research resources.

We have a dedicated team for clients who want 100% ethical and sustainable investment management. We achieve results by harnessing our extensive investment research resources. Our investment process captures the best thinking of our strategists, analysts and investment managers, which we use to build and manage your portfolio.

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    travlafx.biz Investments is a leading investment provider to financial market professionals. Our technical strategies cover forex, binary options and crypto. Our market depth and knowledge are attributed to our acquired experience on trading floors of many banking institutions.
    Our services are grouped in crypto based and commodities/real estate portfolios.. In crypto portfolio comprises of forex, binary, crypto tradings and other crypto assets. This field yields profits within seconds, minutes and hours.. It is of the field that it's return is within a short term period
    The Commodity/Real Estate portfolio embodies investments into the extraction of some expensive/valuable raw material commodities like jade stone, Californium, Painite, crude oil etc as well as Real estate management... This is the system with auto-investing features where investors invest ranging from the minimum predetermined amount of investment and in turn will on daily basis yield a fixed profit margin for the investment. This is therefore considered the best option for investors with the budget for a long term investment and earnings
    Our organisation exists for different varieties of financial aim of helping Individuals, traders and capitalists to plan , protect and invest their funds Improving and boosting their financial status- to get ready for a better retirement. We believe that investment, if organised and regulated properly, can eradicate financial failures and poverty.

    • Continous Innovation – we keep involving in utilization of new technology.

    • Effective Management – we employ extensive high discipline and experience insight in decision making.

    • Strategy & Planning – we keep focus on technology and industries that evolves needs of today's investor.

    • Artficial Intelligence – we believe that artificial intelligence (AI) learning system will transform all sector in the economy and we venture in it's early age.


    In this article, we want to provide you a quick overview of the features that are on the travlafx.biz roadmap along with a brief explanation.

    (Q4 2020)

    1. New crypto listings

    In the coming quarter, we’ll add more crypto assets to the platform by integrating with a partner. We’ll share specifics on what assets these are as soon as possible!


    (Q1/Q1 2021)

    2. Auto-investing

    This feature is based on the dollar-cost-averaging (DCA) method that is widely acknowledged as one of the best investment techniques in history. The auto-investing features allow you to set up a periodic investment of cryptos and fiat for a predetermined amount. Over time your purchase price will average out and you will be less susceptible to volatility. Some see this as a safer investment approach if your strategy is focused on the long-term.


    (Q1/Q2 2021)

    3. Native iOS and Android app

    The number one result from the product survey we conducted was that our users would like to use travlafx.biz on an iOS or Android app, just like the other programs. Therefore, we are going to build a native iOS and Android app! This could also possibly mean an integration of travlafx.biz within another native apps.

    In addition to these bigger features, there are also other improvements that we’ll be working on. Stay up to date by subscribing to our bi-weekly newsletter. You can subscribe by creating travlafx.biz account.